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"This wonderful debut book by Kelly Barker has everything I look for and I read it in one go. The idea is unique, the protagonist is flawed and human but very likeable, the fantasy elements are interesting and fresh and the other characters bring the story to life. The author skillfully includes a love story that I really cared about and the way the supernatural elements combine with real societal problems grounds the story making it believable and relatable. The author's personality shines through in her love of animals and experience as a barber, as well as her knowledge of local history and myth. Highly recommended. I can't wait to find out what happens in her next book. This author is definitely one to watch!"

"Thank you so much to NetGalley for giving me the chance to read this adventurous and inventive story early. Reminiscent of other transmigration novels (novels where the reader, or writer in this case, winds up in the story) I’ve read, I really enjoyed this new take. Zoe is an incredibly relatable protagonist, within whom many of us can find parts of ourselves, and it was great to see her interact with her own character and realizing that she created something real. I really enjoyed seeing how the story progressed and, while it was a little predictable at times, it never lost its sense of adventure and fun."


"This sequel to the author's first novel was brilliant, another page turner! Her search and imagination about myths and legends to incorporate in this novel is phenomenal. Not wanting to give too much away, I thought Varik's character was amazing, a vampire but with sensitive characteristics too, very likeable.

The author incorporates excitement, drama, tearful bits as well as a romantic side to her novel which I love. Absolutely compelling. The short story at the end is brilliant too, another must read! Thank you Kelly Barker"

"This book was fantastic, I read book 1 (The Inner Temple) and when I saw there was a sequel, I couldn't wait to read it.
Well it did not disappoint.
I loved Zoe from the first book and I felt I connected with her further in this one. Seeing her develop through both books was inspirational.
And Varik was such a great character, some of his scenes had me in stitches, he and Zoe had a brilliant relationship throughout the book.
The book seemed to have it all, parts had me In tears (I won't say which part). It was an intense Fantasy adventure which I didn't want to end.
Also there was a spine chilling short story at the end which I thought was really good as well.
I'm excited to see what this author will produce in the future."

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