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The Inner Temple by Kelly Barker

Sleep-deprived Zoe lives in her own imagination, struggling between home and work life as a barber... finding it easier each day to slip into a world that doesn't exist. Or does it?
Hell bent on completing the story she is writing to right a wrong, she unknowingly creates a storyline so powerful, it gives the main character - a vampire queen - the means to escape off the pages and into the real world.
To secure her freedom, Ivy the vampire queen must destroy the writer. However, Zoe can’t determine what's real or what her mind has conjured. Is this all just a part of her overactive imagination? Or can she accept her gift, using it to send Ivy back to hell?

Even The Gods Fear It by Kelly Barker

Zoe is torn between her new-found abilities, to create characters into existence through her storytelling, and her loved ones. Her fiancé Bowen wants to protect her, but she feels as though she can't breathe.

When Bowen sets sail, taking one last trip in a desperate bid to save the plesiosaurs from extinction, she and Varik, one of her creations, release something so deadly it was rumoured that even the gods feared it.

She is now faced with two choices. With the world divided over her creations, the line between right and wrong has blurred. Will Zoe finally understand that you can't have all that power without any repercussions, or will she destroy herself in the process?

Necromantia by Kelly Barker

Cokehead Max comes from a long line of spiritualists. With each generation becoming more powerful than the last to fulfill a prophecy bestowed upon them.

When Max's grandma dies, not only is he forced into a world he wants no part of, he has to pay his grandma's debt for violating the rules governed by Ebony - The guardian of the realm between life and death.

Can Max's family - Divided by secrecy and grief - unite to defeat both the prophecy and the seemingly rogue guardian? Or is it to late?

Breaking His House Rules, A Paranormal Romance Novel By Kelly Barker

While artist Molly is painting an eerie, yet beautiful house in the forgotten part of town, the housekeeper offers her a position and accommodation within the grounds. It’s rumoured that the owner of the property is an old lord, and although she’s tempted, she politely declines the offer when she’s told she would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement beforehand.

However, due to unfortunate events, Molly accepts the job and moves in, only to discover the house is even more mysterious on the inside than it is from the outside. When the owner, Theodore Ardelean, reveals himself, more questions arise. Attraction blinds logic when she discovers he’s a vampire. Rules are broken, and the passion between them is too intense to ignore until the final secret is revealed.


Anthology Featuring 'A Losing Battle' By Kelly Barker
Screenshot_20240205-205242_Samsung Internet.jpg

Featuring 'A Losing Battle'.

A police officer and an angel, unknown to each other, come to the realisation that the scales of good and evil are unbalanced.

When their paths collide, the battle drums beat, passion stirs, and yet self-sacrifices threaten to separate them.

Featuring 'Breaking Her Heart'.

Various monsters plague the worlds these characters live in. Hunters rise up or are hired to protect the general populace. From monsters of old to newly devised spawns of chaos, there's something for everyone in these twenty-one tales.

Featuring 'Queen of the Seven Seas'.

Release Date 30th May 2024

Featuring 'The Ferryman's Fee'.

Release Date 28th May 2024

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