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Daydreaming has always fascinated me. Why do we do it? where do they come from and why do we (some more than others) choose to live in a world we have created? Or is that just me?

Sleep deprivation also fascinates me. Experiencing both made me realise that the two were connected.

It was the nightmares of real life that kept me awake at night, forcing me into the world of daydreams.

I knew I needed help, but I didn't want it. I wasn't ready to sacrifice the world I had built in my mind.

Being in therapy has taught me to balance them both. I was advised, by my therapist, to write about my nightmares and daydreams.

My book is a combination of what keeps me awake at night and the world I choose to live in.

The Inner Temple Book
The Inner Temple & Even The God Fear It book
Photo of Kelly Barker
Kelly Barker signing books in watersones
Even The Gods Fear It Book
Necromantia book
Breaking His House Rules, A Paranormal Romance Novel, By Kelly Barker


Dragon Soul Press Anthology featuring 'A Losing Battle' By Kelly Barker
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Skinny Ghosts by Kelly Barker, Coming Soon






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